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"I really can't believe how easy it is"

Hi Alan,

I've just joined and downloaded all the software for the Niche Gold Club.

Wow! 20 minutes later I had 6 domains up and running with niche articles on each one.

I really can't believe how easy it is, and the quality of the content.

It's nice to buy a package that does what it says on the sales page with no problems.

Brilliant software and content.

Mike Hazzledine


Dear Friend, 

You probably already know that niche marketing can offer an easy way to make money on autopilot, through programs like Adsense, Amazon and others.

But to make a decent income, you need your own complete niche empire, generating profits from lots of different niches.

There are many membership sites on the Internet that offer private label niche articles every month, that you can use to build a continually expanding empire of niche sites, all packed with moneymaking ads and links.

 But there's one BIG problem with these offers...

It takes time and effort to create a complete website from articles - and doing it for dozens of niches every single month is a major chore.


Some membership sites try to solve this problem by providing "ready made" niche websites.

But the result is that hundreds of people have the EXACT same website.

In addition these "ready made" websites are actually very difficult to set up unless you're technically minded.

Overall "ready made" niche websites offer a very poor solution indeed.


I'm sure you'll agree that there MUST be a better solution.

And now there is...

Today I want to tell you about our powerful and totally exclusive Niche Harvester software.

You wont find this software on any other site, because it was created specially for our members.

As a member of our Niche Gold Club, you'll get full unrestricted use of this superb software.

And you'll also receive a MASSIVE selection of quality niche articles, ebooks, training and more.

In fact everything you need to build your own profit generating niche empire...



Our Exclusive "Niche Harvester" Software

Instantly Build Your Own Moneymaking Niche Empire

I can't really do justice to all the advanced features of Niche Harvester on this page, so I've created a separate page for it...


Please click here for full details of the software
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Powerful Software To Build Individual Niche Sites

In addition to Niche Harvester, you'll also receive our special software to build individual niche sites, too.

This is useful if there's a particular niche that you want to target with its own separate site.

This powerful software instantly turns any set of private label articles into a complete, ready-to-use website, packed with moneymaking ads - all using with your IDs.

The sites built by this software look superb - and they are packed with features like...

Themed videos (all sourced automatically)

Automated unique content features to make your pages different to anyone else using the same articles

Optional insertion of ad links inside the content to boost profits

Adsense and Amazon ads inserted automatically

Simple template design allows easy changes to site design

This really is the best - and easiest - automated article site builder on the Internet.

Just fill in a form, select your text article files - and click a button.

Within seconds, your complete site is built and ready to upload to your web host. 



200 Private Label Articles Every Month

(plus bonus articles on top)

Every month you'll receive a total of 200 private label articles, typically covering 8 different niches, so you'll always have a wide variety of niches to choose from.

You can simply plug this content into the software included in your membership, to instantly create moneymaking niche sites.
But there are also lots of other ways you can use all this great content.
Here's a few ideas:

1) Create mini ebooks that you can plug affiliate links into to generate income.

2) Turn the articles into a report that your visitors can give away to promote your site. You can even brand it with their links so they make affiliate income.
3) Make your products stand out from the crowd, by turning the articles into exclusive bonus reports to increase the perceived value of your products - or to use as incentives to buy things through your affiliate links.
4) For each niche, you'll get a full set of 20 articles, so you can load them up to go out once a week and have an ecourse or newsletter set for five months in advance. Use this to attract subscribers - and to monetize your list.
5) Submit the articles under your name to all of the article directories you can get your hand on - and get hoards of traffic, links to your site, and higher search engine rankings.

In fact you can do almost anything you want with these articles.
You are only limited by your own imagination. 

But it gets even better...
When you join, you'll also receive a special "bonus starter package" of 1,500 articles.

This gives you instant access to a HUGE collection of articles, so you can get your business of the ground quickly.


"For me, it's a no-brainer..."

Alan, you did it again!

As a long time member of your membership sites I'm a die hard fan. I use every single one of your tools to further enhance my own website. Without these tools it would take me months, if not years to fine tune my system.

Every serious webmaster and online business owner needs to take a hard look at your membership sites.

For me, it's a "no-brainer".

Take care,

Peter Dobler






Niche Ebooks Every Month That You Can Sell


   Example Ebooks Only

   You will receive different
   ebooks when you join
   as the reports differ
   each month, covering
   a wide variety of niches

You can sell these ebooks and keep all the money. To make it really easy for you, the ebooks come with ready-made sales page and graphics.


"I can't believe it.."

Alan - I can't believe it! For many months I've been painstakingly collecting, writing, altering, and adding Adsense code to articles for a few new websites.

Now it's all been done for me with the Niche Gold Club and this amazing software. And not just for a few websites, but for dozens. How good is this?

Thank you for this incredible service.

Patrick O'Brien


"You're Completely Insane..."

Alan, I thought you were some kind of nutcase to be giving us Private Label Rights to all these articles every month as well as use of all your great software for such a low fee...

Only once inside the members area however do we find all the OTHER value you've crammed in there - stuff you don't even mention on the sales page...

You're not just a nutcase... you're completely insane!

Seriously though you make it so easy to get up and running with the software... anyone could do it.

What a refreshing change to find something that just... works as it's suppose to!

Great program Alan, great products, and excellent lightning-fast support!

Thanks a million,

Michael Cobb




Join Us Now...

As I hope you can see, the Niche Gold Club is much more than a collection of downloads.

It's a total solution to help you build a successful niche marketing business.

Here's a quick recap of everything you'll get by joining us today...
      200 Private Label Articles every month
      1500 Private Label Article Starter Package when you join
      Niche ebooks every month that you can sell

      Powerful article site builder software to build individual niche sites
      Exclusive Niche Harvester software to build your niche empire in minutes



All The Resources Of The Niche Gold Club Are Now Included In Our Software Gold Club


If you have any questions or problems, please
click here to use our contact form.

Wishing you success,

Alan Reece
AX Gold Software Ltd


"SO much more than any other club..."


WOW!...This is SO much more than any other club that I've belonged to and the price is just an awesome value.

The article website software gives me new focus as I can so quickly put up quality sites.


Leon Edward



"Thank you for all your help you've given..."

Hi Alan,

I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for all your help you've given.  I really appreciate it.  I am still new, still learning.  I purchased Turbo Mega Event from John as well as joining Turbo Membership. In so doing, I note that John had a lot of great things to say about Alan Reece and I understand why having started with you before John. No wonder you two have a good relationship. You both have commonality in wanting to help others make some income on the net. There is a lot I need to learn and I will with the kind of help that you offer and are willing to give. I just needed to tell you that.

Again, thank you for what you do, but most of all for who you are.

Best Regards,

Jim Kelley



"You've answered the biggest problem..."

Alan - I think you've managed to answer perhaps the biggest problem I've had with other articles sites - and I've belonged to far more of them than I care to remember.  Every month the owner would proudly announce 250 or 500 or whatever new articles.  Except they were all about housebreaking your chow-chow or improving your putt or some other subject I couldn't care less about.  But that was it - take it or leave it. Which is why I have left most of them.

Your approach, providing a decent number of articles across an amazing number of topics, is the solution I've longed for.  It's hard to imagine any month in which there won't be at least one package - and, I suspect, far more - I actually can use.

And that is, after all, the key - not how many articles are piling up on my hard drive, but how many can I actually use.

So many thanks for applying a little common sense to Private Label Articles.


J.R. Wilson



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